Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread (Jesus’ Death and Resurection) – A Time To Remember God’s Love For Us!

What Passed Over Us?

Hope everyone is preparing to enjoy the commemoration of our salvation. Celebrate The Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover with me!

The Feast of Unleavened Bread started at sunset yesterday March 28th and lasts through sunset April 3rd.

Passover is the first day of The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Chag HaMatzot) –

This overview of The Feasts of Israel is helpful to better understand the BIG picture before looking at the Passover

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Audio Explanation of Passover –

Written Explanation


This is an article focusing on the central element of Passover which is this. Salvation comes by the shed blood of Israel’s spotless Sacrifice Lamb. For a fuller more extensive outline of the many prophetic elements of the Seder

see THIS  OTHER VIDEO ON THE PASSOVER for additional explanation –
It is available from the website of CHOSEN PEOPLE MINISTRIES in New York City.

It is by the grace of Hashem (Jewish name for God or YHVH – Jehovah) that salvation comes. And it is by faith in the atoning blood of the Everlasting Covenant that we find redemption. There is no other salvation, no, not anywhere. The Blood of Israel’s Sacrifice Lamb provides the only means of salvation and peace with God to be found under heaven. This salvation is graciously provided by the God of Israel for all who believe. And it is given freely to all who are willing to embrace YHVH. He is the Almighty God who always existed, is now, and ever shall be. This is His salvation plan,the only one He ever laid out. And the blood of atonement is the essence of the New Covenant. Israel’s prophet Jeremiah spoke of the New Covenant. And this was 600 years before the cross. (Jer.31:31)

The promised Light to the Gentiles has surely come. It’s wonderful Light shines out of Israel, bringing the only hope the people living in this world will ever have. (Eph.3:12-13)
This is the great salvation we saw foreshadowed during that first Passover in Egypt. The blood of the Lamb was applied to the door posts and the lintels. And by that blood Israel’s firstborn were saved as the death angel passed over Goshen and Egypt. It was out of faith and obedience to YHVH-God in keeping this first Passover that a great salvation was set in motion to deliver the children of Israel. Hashem took them away from the hands of their taskmasters. And on the morning after that first Seder the great and epic Exodus began. Israel was delivered from bondage and from death. YHVH-God’s mighty acts confounded Israel’s enemies. The horsemen and chariots of Pharaoh were drowned in the depths of the sea. These were the first of many awesome miracles.

So the main lesson of Passover was laid out right from the very beginning.
And the central meaning of Passover is this.
Salvation comes by grace through faith in the shed blood of Israel’s Sacrifice Lamb. This brings the one and only atonement that has ever, or will ever, be acceptable for sin.

The Passover showcases the Presence and power of Immanuel, a name which means “God with us”. Hashem, our Wonderful Counselor, and our Friend is taking the initiative here. His divine Presence is with us right through this great celebration. His mighty acts have already begun to be demonstrated. His great salvation is now a matter of record, a reality of holy history. Hashem is not only decreeing the action from above. But in the fulfillment of Passover we see Him personally coming to earth to perform the deed. He comes down Jacob’s ladder as the Son who comes forth from the Father who sits upon the throne up in the heavenly realms. Our Messiah comes to earth, leaping upon the mountains. He crosses a gnostic chasm to enter the cosmos He created.

And so we come to Palm Sunday and the first coming of Messiah. Israel’s promised Sacrifice Lamb is entering in through the eastern gate of the Holy City. It is the 10th day of the Nisan moon and as He enters Jerusalem He presents Himself for inspection. He comes in just as other lambs are coming in to be inspected and to be approved for slaughter. On this, His first appearance, Israel’s Messiah is right on time. 69 ‘sevens’ of the 70 ‘sevens’ or (69 ‘weeks’ of the 70 ‘weeks’) of biblical (360 day) years have run their course. Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 9:26 declares the days. Messiah will be arriving shortly.

And so He does! He enters through the Eastern Gate precisely on the day appointed. He humbly enters into the celebration of the Passover. Messiah is riding upon a donkey, submitting Himself to the people He loves. He brings with Him the bridal price, even His life blood, the blood of the Eternal Covenant. He opens up the Way into eternal salvation, just as He promised. And during that awesome passion week of that epic year, an extraordinary Passover takes place. And all three spring feasts are fulfilled in the New Covenant.

The priestly ministry of Messiah that year sees the blood of the atonement shed. This brings salvation to Israel. But this work of redemption does not remain within Israel’s borders. The fourth Feast of Pentecost that very summer sees Israel’s Holy Spirit poured out in an unprecedented way. The Holy Spirit revival overflows Jerusalem and spreads out into the whole world.

This is a magnificent salvation to be sure.
It is the beginning of a revival that will eventually assume global proportions. The Apostle Peter (Acts 2) quoting the Prophet Joel, declares that this same Holy Spirit revival seen 2,000 years ago will go on to an epic climax. In fact it will cap off the history of this age. This grand blow-out revival will be going on right at the end of this age, even as the sun turns to darkness and the moon to blood. (Joel 2:28-32)

So there is still more to the implications of Passover’s New Covenant fulfillment than we realize. At the climax of this age Hashem will re-enter this cosmos. Messiah will come again. He returns in the power and certain victory of His shed blood. His coming will bring atonement for sin, salvation, deliverance, and total restoration to all Israel. His second coming will conclude all these covenant dealings. Messiah will execute the New Covenant with the glorification of all His saints. They are the Congregation Of Israel, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, one Elect and chosen people drawn from both sides of Calvary. These are the ones who by grace through faith are sanctified by the atoning blood of Israel’s Sacrifice Lamb. All YHVH-God’s covenant people, saved Jews and saved non-Jews, male and female, living and the dead, are all destined to be glorified together as one big happy family. They are the greater Commonwealth and Congregation of Israel. (Eph.2:12-13)

The original purpose of Hashem was a very personal one, even though the initial Old Covenant was with a nation of people. That original desire of God was to dwell in the hearts of His covenant people. They are the remnant of a great refining. But nevertheless they remain the myriad company that Abraham saw, a melo-hagoyim, a company of nations, as numerous as the stars of heaven. Indeed this is the expansive and generous plan YHVH-God had always intended. He made this abundantly clear in what He said through the prophet Isaiah.
Isaiah had even heard YHVH-God the Father speaking to YHVH-God the Son.
Here is what Isaiah overheard Hashem say to the Servant of Israel.

6. “Indeed He says,
‘It is too small a thing that You should be My Servant
To raise up the tribes of Jacob,
And to restore the preserved ones of Israel;
(Paraphrase: “I will do something even more wonderful than this.”)

I will also give You as a Light to the Gentiles,
That You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth.’ “

– taken from Gavin Finley MD

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